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Eddie and KK are happy to be collaborating together to provide the best solution for their clients’ photo situation!  Eddie provides the tech-support and KK handles the rest.


As the family blogger and scrapbooker, and especially with the arrival of the digital age, KK’s ever-expanding photo and video storage became unmanageable!  Suddenly they shifted from printed photos in scrapbooks to zillions of photos that they never really looked at again. 


They had thumb drives, CDs and camcorder tapes stashed in cabinets and drawers, many many more images on phones and computers, and another mass out ‘in the cloud’! And it had all become more of a burden than a blessing.


When their daughter got married, KK wanted to find her baby photos but they were lost. And she was devastated! 


Today they are thrilled to be able to share what they’ve learned about taming the chaos and harnessing technology in good and useful ways. They use a careful process that allowed them to re-find photos presumed lost (thus the name: YOUR FOUND MEMORIES), while eliminating enormous amounts of duplicates!


Protect your families heirloom memories and reclaim the legacy for the next generation!  This is needed work that has never been more urgent! Ready to get started, so you can share your own story with your pictures?


This is my story; this is my song!

Praising my Savior all the day long.

— Fanny Crosby

what’s your story?


use your photos to tell it!