Backup vs. Sync

Making Sure Your Photos are Safe!

It’s important to understand the difference between a photo BACKUP and a photo SYNC.

We strongly recommend backups for your photo system, ideally with a 3-2-1 system to keep your photos safe. You should have THREE copies of your photos stored on TWO different types of media, with at least ONE residing offsite.

‘Media’ might be your local computer, an external hard disk or ‘the cloud’. A power or hardware failure, a flood or a house fire will not endanger your treasured memories if one copy is kept in a different location, offsite. Likewise if your WIFI is down, you will still have full access to your photos if you have them stored locally, onsite (i.e., your computer or an external hard drive).

Consider a SYNC as a single copy of your photo. If you take a picture with your phone and it syncs to the cloud, it looks like you have two copies (one on your phone and one in the cloud). In reality, if you delete the photo from your phone it is completely gone! Think of a sync as a two-way street, and what happens to one photo happens also to the other.

A BACKUP, on the other hand, is literally a second copy of your photo. It will always be there, no matter what happens to the original. Think of a backup as a one-way street, and once your data is stored there, it is safe.

Never rely on an iCloud ‘backup’ only!

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