Be a Memory Keeper.

Your memories and photographic images are a precious gift from a generous God. It’s a privilege to value, store and protect them.

Three times in John 17, Jesus prays FOR US (verses 11, 12 and 15). He prays that God would KEEP US. Is that not a real gold nugget to chew on? Jesus prayed (past tense) and prays (present tense) for you, dear daughter.

This Greek word for KEEP is the same word used in 1 John 5:18, but there the ESV translates it as PROTECT (God protects us, and the evil one does not touch us). So TO KEEP is TO PROTECT. Other definitions are ‘to cover or to shield.’ I love the picture the Psalmist gives us in Psalm 91! He describes God as a mighty bird with her strong wings stretched out over her babies. He is our strong refuge!

Another definition of ‘to keep’ is ‘to retain in one’s possession’. When you protect and care for your families’ images, you are preserving them for the next generations. What important work!

May the Lord bless you and KEEP you…

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