are there hidden costs with Digital Organization?

You will need an external hard drive (usually about $60) and a cloud service (most clients are already using one) to backup your photo library.  We will give you recommendations for these, so wait to make purchases until after our introductory phone call.

what if my computer or hard disk crashes?

Our 3-2-1 system keeps your images safe and secure. You’ll have 3 copies of your photo library saved on 2 different sources, with at least 1 being off-site or ‘in the cloud’.  That means you always have a backup and can get to your images, even if your system crashes or your home floods.

will I be able to easily find a particular photo?

Yes!  We customize your system to meet your needs, and this will include features that use ‘facial recognition’, so you can search (from either your phone or your computer) for all photos of Mary at the beach, for example!  Also, we use a storage format that places photos into a simple year/month system, so all the images from that special vacation are easily located.

what is involved in
Digital Organization?

When you schedule our service you receive an email containing a quick survey.


During our first one-hour introductory phone call we discuss the current location of all your photos, make recommendations on  (and help you purchase) an external hard drive and cloud service that will best suit your needs, and set up screen-sharing.  Finally we schedule times when we can access your computer to do the organizing work remotely.  


We will text periodically to update you on our progress.  When the work is done, we will schedule another one-hour call to demonstrate your new system, answer any questions and teach you how to add to and maintain your new photo library.  


As an alternative if you prefer, you may schedule annual maintenance sessions with us to do this work.

how long does Digital Organization take?

Typically the process takes 3-4 weeks, but it is very dependent on the amount of images you have, your computer and internet speed, and the schedule we work out for using your computer.

how do I prepare for Digital Organization?

The hardest part of any project is just getting started!  When you schedule your Digital Organization we will send you a checklist which is literally the only thing you’ll need to do beforehand.


We will help you with any software or hardware decisions to be made.  Your job is only to locate your photos!


what does the end result of Digital Organization look like?

We consolidate all your pictures into one folder on an external hard drive, creating a simple chronological system based on year and month, and then we carefully clean out all the duplicates.  All your videos can also be put into this system.


YFM Digi-org