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preserving your photos and videos

From scanning photos to converting VHS or camcorder tapes, we can handle it all.  You’ll receive either a thumb drive or an electronic download with your digital memories. Unless you are local in South Carolina, you will need to collect and ship your media to us. Oversized items could include newspaper articles, children’s artwork or fragile pieces.

$0.50 per photo for standard 8″x10″ or smaller

$1.50 per oversized item

$0.70 per slide or negative


$50 per hour for photo album removal


$25 per VHS or camcorder tape

$  5 per DVD

10% discount for 10+ tapes, 20% discount for 20+ tapes


curating and sharing your
photos and films

There’s still no comparison in this digital age between viewing pictures on a device and holding in your hands a printed book with real photos!

$150 Our memory books are 10″x10″ hardback albums with 20 high-quality lay-flat pages, perfect for family vacations or recounting that special event.


$500 Our Premium memory books are the upscaled version with up to 70 pages.  This is ideal for a family yearbook, and has room for a text summary of each month.  Additional pages can be added for an extra fee.

If you are interested in an heirloom video, contact us directly for samples of our work, and to discuss your project!

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organizing your photos and videos

Using screen sharing software, we use YOUR computer to collect all your photos and videos into one central location. Then we remove any duplicates, and sort the remaining images into a simple chronological filing system.  We’re not done until we have backed up the entire database so you have peace of mind knowing that you can always recover your images, if needed.  And finally we train you how to use and maintain the order in the coming years, or if you prefer you can book maintenance sessions with us, and we can handle it for you.

Reach out and we can discuss your situation, pricing and schedule to do the work!

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quick questions

If you’re not sure where to start, and need to figure out your next step, sign up for a FREE 15 minute chat.

gift certificate

You set the amount, and it’s sure to be the perfect size!  If you would like to give someone the gift of photo help, give them a gift certificate to Your Found Memories!